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HELLOWEEN “Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary” /Ltd. CD + DVD Digipack/

HELLOWEEN “Unarmed - Best Of 25th Anniversary” /Ltd. CD + DVD Digipack/
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Limited Edition release of an album with completely re-arranged and re-recorded, in Symphonic Rock/Acoustic Rock/Jazz style, best songs of legendary German Power/Speed Metal band!
Helloween takes the next step in alternative visioning! The best way for describe this is as the songs re-worked into a style that would be best described as soundtrack like. Most of the songs have a sound that seems to have grown from the Musical Stage aka Broadway. Soaring harmonies and piano mix well with the songs natural rhythms in a way that brings the term "Rock Opera" back from the 70's. Certain songs (Most notably the Lounge Lizardly "Dr Stein") break this mold, but this is a fair description of the CD's overall feel if not is purpose.
Re-recorded version of "Eagle Fly Free" is a cover version by cover band "Hellsongs" taken from their EP "Pieces of Heaven, a Glimpse of Hell" (2009) but with added vocals of Andi Deris and lead guitars of Sascha Gerstner as well as other instruments from guest musicians. Other band members did not participate on recordings of "Eagle Fly Free".
Excellent album! Gods in any style!!
Helloween GbR/Columbia Dragnet/Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, 2010 (88697622312). Made in Austria. First press.

1. Dr. Stein 3:59
2. Future World 4:13
3. If I Could Fly 3:28
4. Where The Rain Grows 5:09
5. The Keeper's Trilogy (Medley) 17:06
6. Eagle Fly Free 3:49
7. Perfect Gentleman 4:18
8. Forever And One 4:25 
9. I Want Out 4:21
10. Fallen To Pieces 3:28
11. A Tale That Wasn't Right 4:46
Total playing time: 59:02

Bonus DVD:
1. Making Of "Unarmed" 
2. Making Of "Dr. Stein" Videoclip 
3. Videoclip "Dr. Stein"
4. Unarmed - 25th Anniversary The Interview


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