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HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II" /Limited Expanded Edition 2CD/

HELLOWEEN "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II" /Limited Expanded Edition 2CD/
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First remastered re-release of the third full-length album by legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
The album capitalized on the success of “Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part I” and picks up where it left off. The magic that made "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part I", a triumph of epic proportions, was still very much in the air come time for "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II". What was originally intended to be a double album had to be split in two at the record company’s request, so "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II" was recorded later and came out in 1988. Gladly, "Part II" a much longer album than "Part I", clocking in with an extra fifteen minutes or so of music.
"Keeper of the Seven Keys, Part II" was a very worthy follow up to the first album of the pair as well as one of the best albums of 1988. Building upon the Power Metal blueprint (still known as Speed Metal by most in 1988), "Keeper II" offered listeners classy Metal with a strong sense of humor, a great selling point in a genre that has long taken itself far too seriously for its existence.The band still brandished their polished speed sound on songs like "Eagle Fly Free" as well as anthemic tunes like "I Want Out", "Save Us" or the powerful "We Got the Right". And naturally the band finished out the saga with the thirteen minute-plus epic "Keeper of the Seven Keys", a multilayered and far ranging song that ended the two album theme. Kiske's singing at times was a bit shrill but most of the time he nailed his melodies with utmost precision. Meanwhile, the band behind him played at peak form throughout, as though nothing could ever stop them in their path.
Nearly every song on this album is close to excellent or in fact, exquisite. It would seem that a huge number of bands have since tried to copy the formula of the "Keeper" albums and even Helloween themselves have never quite lived up to them (though it can be argued they topped themselves in a different light altogether on 1993's excellent "Chameleon"). Regardless of where history would take the band, "Keeper Of The Seven Keys, Part II" is a phenomenal album that was altogether fun, flawlessly played and well written!!
Success bloomed all over Europe, Asia and even the United States. The album went Gold in Germany and reached #108 in the US.
Expanded Edition includes second CD with five bonus tracks!
Castle Music/Sanctuary Records Group Ltd., 1988/2006 (CMQDD1179). Made in Germany.

CD 1:
1.Invitation 01:06
2.Eagle Fly Free 05:08
3.You Always Walk Alone 05:08
4.Rise And Fall 04:20
5.Dr. Stein 05:03
6.We Got The Right 05:07
7.March Of Time 05:13
8.I Want Out 04:39
9.Keeper Of The Seven Keys 13:38
10.Save Us 05:12

CD 2:
1.Savage 03:27
2.Livin Ain't No Crime 04:44
3.Don't Run For Cover 04:46
4.Dr. Stein (Remix) 05:03
5.Keeper Of The Seven Keys (Remix) 13:38
Total playing time: 86:12


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