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KING DIAMOND “Conspiracy” /CD/

KING DIAMOND “Conspiracy” /CD/
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First remastered re-release of the fourth full-length album by the legendary Danish Heavy Metal band.
The second part of a story that began on the album "Them".
The old performers' adage about not overstaying one's welcome proved itself timeless and infinitely applicable when King Diamond decided to follow a pair of stunningly successful musical horror stories, 1987's "Abigail" and 1988's "Them", with a third, decidedly flawed episode, 1989's "Conspiracy".
In this sequel to "Them", an adult King returns to the House of Amon to reclaim his rightful place as heir to the house. However, unanswered questions about his sister's death, his mother's involvement with his diabolical therapist, and his own madness all prove to be difficult if not insurmountable obstacles. He makes a deal with "Them" (the unseen antagonists from the album of the same name, part one of the story) to return control of the house to Them in exchange for the chance to see his now-dead sister Missy again. He believes she can help answer some of his questions. An agreement is reached, and Missy returns from the grave nightly to help King uncover some of the mysteries from "Them". As a spirit, however, she cannot save him from the plot against him, try as she may to warn him. His mother and his doctor have conspired to get rid of him permanently in order to inherit the house themselves. While they think they are ultimately successful, the album closes with King's promise to torture and haunt them forever from beyond the grave.
"Conspiracy" is built on the backs of a staggering array of Metallic riffing that could rival anyone else coming out of such a creative European field in 1989. One might struggle to define this album as either Speed/Thrash or Heavy/Power Metal, for surely it contains enough elements of both to qualify it as a hybrid of these and even a touch of Progressive/Speed. You'll hear steadied, rampant triplet rhythms, delirious outbreaks into speed and flair akin to what Randy Rhodes and later Zakk Wylde brought to the Ozzy Osbourne solo camp, flashy and effective lead sequences. King Diamond had been implementing the Blues-based grooves as far back as Mercyful Fate, and certainly we heard a few through "Abigail" and "Them". But with "Conspiracy", they become these emotionally resonant, triumphant bulwarks that instantly exude testosterone.
Once again, King Diamond has created an album that defines Heavy Metal, once again raising the bar for the rest of the genre. This album goes in a more traditional direction with just crushing riff work. As for King's vocals, he never sounded better.
Being more prolific than many bands and creating perfect albums, King Diamond prove that they are real kings of the Metal of 80's!!
Remastered re-edition features two bonus tracks!
Roadrunner Records, 1989/1997/2013 (RR 8787-2). Made in Germany.

1. At The Graves 8:57
2. Lies 5:05
3. Sleepless Nights 4:23
4. A Visit From The Dead 6:13
5. The Wedding Dream 6:02
6. "Amon" Belongs To "Them" 3:51
7. Something Weird 2:08
8. Victimized 5:21
9. Let It Be Done 1:13
10. Cremation 4:12

Bonus Tracks:
11. At The Graves (Alternate Mix) 7:20
12. Cremation (Live Show Mix) 4:12
Total playing time: 58:57


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