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SLAYER “Undisputed Attitude” /CD/

SLAYER “Undisputed Attitude” /CD/
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Second European re-release of the seventh full-length album by legendary American Thrash Metal band.
This album is a compilation of cover songs on various Punk Rock bands + three original songs. Jeff Hanneman has used two songs (in the style of Punk) which he wrote in 1984 and 1985 for a stillborn side project Pap Smear, while Kerry King and Tom Araya wrote the only one original track called "Gemini".
"Undisputed Attitude" feels more like a stopgap than an actual Slayer record. Containing 14 tracks, the band covers everyone from Minor Threat to T.S.O.L., from D.I. to Iggy Pop.
Given Slayer's Huntington Beach, CA, homeland, the Hardcore roots are plain enough. But HB is also a big Metal town, and these cats as youngsters were exposed to everything from Motörhead to Black Sabbath and the early L.A. Metal scene. True to their course, however, they've never sounded like anyone but themselves. Even on a collection of covers (with a pair of originals thrown in to boot), the Slayer imprint is unmistakable, and while taking a breather from fresh ideas on their own projects, this disc sounds like the band members were having a blast if not exactly breaking new ground.
"Undisputed Attitude" is a curiosity; it's far from an essential collection by Slayer. The true faithful will want this and most likely really get off on it!
"Undisputed Attitude" climbed to 34th position on the Billboard 200.
American Recordings, LCC/Universal Music Group International, 1996/2013 (0602537352289). Made in Germany.

1. Disintegration/Free Money 1:41
2. Verbal Abuse/Leeches 1:57
3. Abolish Government/Superficial Love 1:47
4. Can't Stand You 1:27
5. Ddamn 1:01
6. Guilty Of Being White 1:06
7. I Hate You 2:16
8. Filler/I Don't Want To Hear It 2:28
9. Spiritual Law 3:00
10. Mr. Freeze 2:23
11. Violent Pacification 2:38
12. Richard Hung Himself 3:21
13. I'm Gonna Be Your God 2:58
14. Gemini 4:52
Total playing time: 32:55

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