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KREATOR "Outcast" /CD/

KREATOR "Outcast" /CD/
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The eighth full-length album by legendary German Thrash Metal band.
Beginning with “Renewal” in 1992, Kreator started a phase in their career of mild experimentation. Like so many other bands of the 90s, the pressures of Metal's decline and the rise of other, alternative music seemed to shake itself off on the Germans, thus provoking an evolution of sound. To their credit, Kreator still felt and sounded like Kreator throughout all of these works. "Outcast" is Kreator stripped to the bone, with atmosphere of nowadays' oppression and agitation. Some ditch it for not being Thrash Metal, but if you like Kreator and understand the band's soul, you might like this one too. As far as atmosphere, the record is mixed extremely well, and despite the various tempos the tracks will move at, it all comes together to create a consistent experience. It's an interesting change for the band which brings forward a few of the ideas initiated with "Renewal".
GUN Records/Drakkar Records, 1997 (GUN 140 / 7 4321 45262 2). Made in Germany. First press.

1. Leave This World Behind 03:31
2. Phobia 03:22
3. Forever 02:51
4. Black Sunrise 04:31
5. Nonconformist 03:15
6. Enemy Unseen 03:19
7. Outcast 04:54
8. Stronger Than Before 03:16
9. Ruin Of Life 03:53
10. Whatever It May Take 03:47
11. Alive Again 03:47
12. Against The Rest 02:38
13. A Better Tomorrow 04:12
Total playing time: 47:16

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