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Third re-release on CD of the fourth full-length album by the cult Ukrainian Pagan/Folk/Symphonic Black Metal band.
Originally released as MC, in 1999, this highly anticipated cult release, requested by fans of elite Slavonic Black Metal, was re-issued on CD for a several times!
This album could be described as a mix of their previous two releases, "Goat Horns" and "To The Gates Of Blasphemous Fire", though it to be slightly more in the vein of the latter. The music is fast and Brutal Black Metal, with a significant Folk influence and dual keyboardists. Folky parts are interspersed with Black Metal parts, and in places layered over them. While this isn't a particularly original combination, Nokturnal Mortum do have their own sound, due partly to their use of traditional Slavic Folk, and the variety of woodwinds they use.
The interplay of their dual keyboardists with the rest of the band also remains a distinguishing feature. The playing and production are once again top-notch. The playing seems a little more technical this time.
CD version contains 88 tracks. Tracks 10-87 are each 4 seconds long, and consist of nature sounds (birds chirping, frogs croaking, etc.), leaving the CD with 10 longish tracks of Brutal Black Metal. "Perun's Celestial Silver" is track 88, which originally appeared on the "Lunar Poetry" album, but here in new interpretation. The release length is 1:11:50 with the additional nature sounds.
This is well done album and is likely to appeal to fans of the style. Just keep in mind that this band is definitely worth checking out for the sheer musical brilliance exhibited on this record! Not many can pull this off in today's overcrowded Black Metal scene!!
Oriana Music, 1999/2000/2004/2010 (OMCD4). Made in Ukraine.

1. The Funeral Wind Born in Oriana     06:35
2. Night Before the Fight     06:34
3. Чёрный ворон     08:10
4. The Call of Aryan Spirit     05:54
5. Дитя болот и полнолуния     05:35
6. Death Damnation     05:32
7. В огне деревянных церквей     07:08
8. Jesus' Blood     06:09
9. Нехристь: Танец мечей     06:32
10. Небесное серебро Перуна     08:21
Total playing time: 01:06:30

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