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NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Мировоззрение” + “Weltanschauung” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set/

NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Мировоззрение” + “Weltanschauung” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set/
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NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Мировоззрение” + “Weltanschauung” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set/ NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Мировоззрение” + “Weltanschauung” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set/ NOKTURNAL MORTUM “Мировоззрение” + “Weltanschauung” /Deluxe 2CD Digipack Set/

Re-release in one set of both versions, Slavic and English, of the fifth full-length album by the cult Ukrainian Pagan/Folk/Symphonic Black Metal band.
The fact is that “Мировоззрение” and “Weltanschauung” is the same album but in various interpretations. “Weltanschauung” is the English version of “Мировоззрение” album released a year later. “Мировоззрение” is the Slavic version (with Russian and Ukrainian vocals) of the “Weltanschauung” and was released a year before it. Most of the in-between ambient tracks here are completely different. This 2CD Set contains the remixed and remastered version of the “Мировоззрение”.
The both versions have the same 14th track which is unlisted and untitled.
This is a very different NM. This is a mature Nokturnal Mortum, a NM that has grown out of its shell, and has come forth in its true form and entirety. Any simple minded child will look upon this album and immediately shy away with denial. Many people take different stands when it comes to this band. But the fact remains that Nokturnal Mortum has not lost anything. They simply have transformed into something better, something greater then they have ever been. The reason a band such as this has caused so much controversy is because of the different ideologies the band has been through.
Despite all the jumping around of beliefs with NM, these musicians are proud of their ancient heritage and express their heroism through the language and melodies of their ancient people. Nothing more, nothing less. And that is the way it should be.
Setting all of this drama aside, do yourself a favor, sit down and listen to this album for what it is, and not compare it to what came before. Anyone with logic will recognize the vision that is conveyed through the music. A glimpse into the ancient past. And for those who are saying that "Nokturnal Mortum are done, they're finished", my friends, NM are just beginning and what way to begin. The days of "Nechrist" are over. That chapter of Nokturnal Mortum has been closed. The time for glory and triumph has now arrived!
Album contains every aspect of the Nokturnal Mortum sound and more. The folk instruments are very prevalent throughout the album. The short instrumentals with acoustic guitar and flute are moving and sorrowful. Nokturnal Mortum offers a sense of longing with this album, not only that but also a sense of celebration, a new beginning. Slavic Paganism has never been interpreted and represented better. "Nechrist" showed us the night, moon and chilling winds. But this album shows us the day, the life and times of the ancient Slavs! This is a time of celebration, not rebellion!!
Oriana Music, 2004/2005/2013 (OMCD15). Made in Ukraine. First press.

CD 1 (Мировоззрение):
1. Путь бессмертных
2. Дыхание Рагнарёка
3. Звёздная пыль
4. Мировоззрение
5. Печаль родных земель
6. Слава героям
7. Танец огня и стали
8. Новая эра мечей
9. Бескрайние топи
10. Нити судьбоносной узлы
11. Собирая смерти посев
12. Вкус победы
13. Дорога славы

CD 2 (Weltanschauung):
1. The Path of Immortals
2. I Feel the Breath of Ragnarok
3. Stardust
4. Weltanschauung
5. Sorrow of Native Lands
6. Hailed Be the Heroes
7. The Dance of Fire and Steel
8. The New Era of Swords
9. Endless Vast Swamps
10. The Knots upon the Thread of Fate
11. Harvesting the Seeds of Death
12. The Taste of Victory
13. The Way of Glory

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