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VA "Extrema Agresion - Tributo Argentino A Kreator" /CD/

VA "Extrema Agresion - Tributo Argentino A Kreator" /CD/
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Tribute to KREATOR from Argentinean Thrash Metal bands.
Absolutely musthave for every thrasher and especially every fan of KREATOR!!
Light shabby on the disc surface.
Pacheco Records, 2008

1.Terror Zone - El Patron
2.Suicide Terrorist - Embodiment
3.Tyranny - Caceria
4.People of the Lie - Opresor
5.Violent Revolution - Cedro
6.Voices of the Dead - Nafak
7.Extreme Agression - Zona Negra
8.Pandemonium - Zoofilia
9.Lost - Paganos
10.Material World Paranoia - Salem
11.People of the Lie - Consummatum 

ЦЕНА: 4.90 €
Вес: 0.15 Kg