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OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/

OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/
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OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/ OBITUARY “The End Complete” /Autographed CD/

Remastered re-release of the third full-length album by legendary American Death Metal band.
Clocking in at a taut nine songs in 39 minutes without a second of filler, "The End Complete" may be the definitive Obituary album. The band's third, it marks the return of lead guitarist Allen West and it also marks an impressive leap forward in production. The songwriting and playing on Obituary's past albums had been commendable, and "The End Complete" is no exception in that regard. Rather, it's the return of West and the remarkable production job by Scott Burns that sets this album apart from its predecessors. The return of West is important not only because his solos are one of the band's trademarks but also because he's an integral songwriter, here co-penning four of the nine songs. Burns' crystal-clear, in-your-face production is not to be underestimated, either. If anything had marred Obituary's past two albums, both of them otherwise excellent, it was the murkiness of the sound, especially the drums. That's not an issue here at all, however, as Obituary have never sounded this great. The guitar tones especially are downright vivid, particularly when West and rhythm guitarist Trevor Peres depart from one another such as during the solos (the title track is a great showcase for this, and so is "Rotting Ways"). You can practically feel the respective guitar tones buzzing through your head, they're so well recorded. And so are John Tardy's vocals, which are sometimes overdubbed to make them all the more potent and nuanced. They're so well recorded, in fact, you can actually understand some of the lyrics!
This album is Obituary's best selling, with over 200000 copies sold in the U.S. and more than 550000 worldwide. It reached #16 on Billboard's Top Heatseekers chart. Also, the band's new logo introduced on "The End Complete" is the best selling shirt print in the history of Roadrunner Records.
Re-edition includes two bonus tracks!
CD signed by OBITUARY at Brutal Assault Festival, Josefov, Jaroměř, Czech Republic, August, 12, 2016.
Roadrunner Records, 1992/1998/2013 (RR 8741-2). Made in Germany.

1. I`m In Pain 4:01
2. Back To One 3:42
3. Dead Silence 3:21
4. In The End Of Life 3:42
5. Sickness 4:06
6. Corrosive 4:11
7. Killing Time 4:00
8. The End Complete 4:03
9. Rotting Ways 5:18

Bonus Tracks:
10. I`m In Pain (Live) 4:49
11. Killing Time (Live) 4:01
Total playing time: 45:14

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