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The third and the final full-length album by Polish Technical Death/Thrash Metal band.
Inspired by Death, Pestilence, Gorguts and Atheist, Vox Interium play heavy and mat Death Metal with a hoarse vocal.
Melody, complex drum rhythms, lots of tempo changes, good solos, harmonies, space and brutality - in short, it's a description of band's music.
Maybe this is one from the albums you lost in the past. Check it out!
For fans of: Vader, Krabathor, Gorefest, Death, Bolt Thrower, Atheist and more...
New Aeon Media, 2004 (NAM009). Made in Netherlands. Pressed in UK. First press.

1. Everything Gets Back 4:09 
2. Very Strange Dream 4:20 
3. Creators Of Rules 4:13 
4. Wooden Wars 3:46 
5. Deadly Injection 3:52 
6. Loneliness 2:28 I
7. Downtrodden 4:09 
8. The Crime 3:38 
9. Reality When You Die 5:14 
10. Into The Heart 5:04
Total playing time: 40:53


ЦЕНА: 4.90 €
Вес: 0.15 Kg