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INFESTED BLOOD “Interplanar Decimation” /CD/

INFESTED BLOOD “Interplanar Decimation” /CD/
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The third full-length album by Brazilian Brutal Death Metal band.
It’s without a doubt acceptable album in means of letting the music show off its qualities. Riff-wise it’s all out Technical, and you’ll be hard up trying to spot five seconds that doesn’t have at least one riff variation or tempo change.
There are tons of tempo changes, often in a frantic stop and go action that gives the tunes a sense of desperation, in lack of a better word. If the riffing were an entity, it would be a truly tormented one, desperately trying to break out into full-blown chaos and engulf the world in flaming turmoil. As far as the drumming goes, it’s a nonstop, full on stampede of blast beats, but still with a buttload of tempo changes and varying drum patterns. And, as the drummer’s busy with blasting, the riffs on the other hand can take on an entirely different tempo. Sure, it’s fast and technical, but set in a more chugging pace instead of the frenzied one the drums take on. But during most of the breaks (one can’t call it breakdowns, seeing as it’s only half a second long most of the time) the guitar and drums meet for a short visit before it takes off again.
It winds up somewhere in between Deeds Of Flesh, Decapitation and Origin, but with a slightly harsher and more brutal approach giving it a hint of Amputated Genitals as well as Visceral Bleeding and such similar acts.
But not only the music carry those ultra-brutal tendencies, but the vocals as well. The deep, gory and grunting growls are far from the ordinary growls you’ll find in Death Metal, but that of the most brutal variant. This tight and technical execution has definitely set them down the right path!!
All the material for the entire album written during 2006 while the band was searching for a label to release the “Tribute To Apocalypse” album.
Gormageddon Productions, 2009 (STEAK 003). Made in Russia. First press.

1. Unearthly Menace
2. Sudden Black Hole
3. Killing Through The Portals
4. Denizen Of The Lower Planes
5. Menzoberranzan
6. Apocalyptic Effigy Of Chaos
7. Gate To Alien Dimension
8. Purifying With Gore
9. The Sentient Artifact
10. Psicologia De Um Vencido
Total playing time: 27:51 min.

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