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KRAPTOR “Fucking Liar” /MCD/

KRAPTOR “Fucking Liar” /MCD/
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KRAPTOR “Fucking Liar” /MCD/ KRAPTOR “Fucking Liar” /MCD/ KRAPTOR “Fucking Liar” /MCD/

The debut EP by Venezuelan Thrash Metal band.
Kraptor was founded in 2007 by vocalist and guitarist Philip "Phill" Alvarez and drummer Jessy Jaimes in the San Cristobal city. With the entry of guitarist Angel Moreno and Edward Cañizares on bass, formalized as one of the most emblematic bands of the Thrash Metal genre in Venezuela. In 2010, Kraptor was elected to open the Monsters Of Rock Festival in Maracay city, Venezuela, with the Tankard as headliners. The show gave known to Kraptor among the most loyal fans of the genre in this country.
Violent mind blowing and satisfying intensity, these guys know how to Thrash. Clean fast tempo and a clear vision has given Kraptor a great raw honest sound. Six songs with varied lyrics, also possessing a raw and devastating sound. This EP gave to Kraptor very good reviews from fans of Thrash Metal scene worldwide.
First work of this amazing band will please taste of every Crossover and Thrash Metal fan!
Last copy!! Bye or die!!!
Cadaver Productions, 2011. Made in Mexico. First press. Used: very good.

1. Fuck I.D. 2:41
2. Fucking Liar 2:52
3. Keep It Thrashing Or Die 2:29
4. Violent Mosh 2:41
Bonus tracks:
5. Thrash Is Back 3:31
6. Kill Disgusting People 4:32
Total playing time: 18:47 min.


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