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FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/

Our Realise
FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/
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FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/ FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/ FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/ FAUSTTOPHEL "Среди Падших Нет Лжецов" /Ltd. CD/

The third full-length studio album by Russian Melodic Black/Death Metal band.
Fausttophel remains true to their original musical handwriting. Recognizable style - social poetry, appeal to world mythology and noir philosophy, melodic musical themes and hard blast-beats.
The album can’t be uniquely attributed to any genre, the band appeals to many styles of Metal, traditionally using rich arrangements and mood changes.
10 Eclectic performances of the gloomy theater called Fausttophel, for fans of Dissection, Edge Of Sanity, Emperor, Gates Of Ishtar, Dimmu Borgir, Hecate Enthroned, Old Man's Child, Rotting Christ, Opeth, and more!!
Limited Edition CD features patch with band logo and magnet with album cover, and available for orders via Total Metal Shop only.
Another Side Records, 2019 (ASR30-164). Made in EU.

1. Среди Падших Нет Лжецов (No Liars Among The Fallen) 03:37
2. В Кузне Гефеста (In Hephaestus’ Forge) 04:51
3. Кубла Хан (Kubla Khan) 08:05
4. Обитель Теней (Mansion of Shadows) 06:48
5. Крила (Wings) 04:34
6. Одержимость (Obsession) 03:20
7. Спокуса (Temptation) 06:27
8. Путь за Грань (The Path Beyond) 05:27
9. Шабаш (Sabbath) 04:09
10. Лилит (Lilith) 06:06
Total playing time: 53:29 min.



"Wings" by FAUSTTOPHEL (Official Music Video)

Recording Frames (cuts from recording session of "No Liars Among The Fallen")


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