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Eleventh full-length album by the legendary British Heavy/Speed Metal band.
In 1986, Judas Priest intended to release a double album entitled "Twin Turbos" of which half would consist of lighter, more commercial Hard Rock, and the other half would be heavier and less synth-driven. Columbia Records was resistant to the double album concept, and the project was ultimately split into two separate releases, 1986's Platinum selling "Turbo", and "Ram It Down". At least three songs – "Hard As Iron", "Love you to Death" and "Monsters of Rock" were written for the "Twin Turbos project". The title track "Ram It Down" can be traced even further back. As Rob Halford noted, ""Ram It Down" is a harder song, from the "British Steel" time. It also could have roots as far back as the demo version of "On the Run" from "Point Of Entry" which had "different lyrics, Speed Metal pace, and spit-fire fast vocals". In other words, "Ram It Down" was clearly a patchwork collection of songs - old and new.
This is the last album to feature long time drummer Dave Holland and the last studio album produced by long-time collaborator Tom Allom – who returned to produce a 2009 live album.
In any case, major changes were coming, as Halford, Tipton, co-lead guitarist KK Downing and bassist Ian Hill readied themselves to dismiss long-serving drummer Dave Holland and producer Tom Allom in order to escalate their metallic renaissance on 1990’s absolutely jaw-dropping "Painkiller" If nothing else, "Ram It Down" marks the end of an era with class and dignity!
The album earned gold certification (500,000 sales) on 18 July 1988.
CBS Records, 1988 (461108 2). Made in Australia.

1.Ram It Down 04:48
2.Heavy Metal 05:58
3.Love Zone 03:58
4.Come and Get It 04:07
5.Hard as Iron 04:09
6.Blood Red Skies 07:50
7.I'm a Rocker 03:58
8.Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry cover) 04:39
9.Love You to Death 04:36
10.Monsters of Rock 05:30
Total playing time: 49:32

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Вес: 0.15 Kg

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