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METALLICA "Garage Inc." /3LP Set/

METALLICA "Garage Inc." /3LP Set/
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Re-release of the cover songs compilation album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
After years of success, critical acclaim, personal loss, and fan backlash Metallica had seen it all. It also seemed that they had done everything they had really wanted to do. So the question was quite simply: What to do next? Easy, make a covers album! Metallica has always enjoyed playing covers, and this collection is a nice salute to their long career and the bands they enjoy listening to. “Garage Inc.” has no new material by Metallica, unless you count the new covers. Sadly, this is the best thing that they might have done in the 90s since the “Black Album”, maybe because Hetfield or Ulrich isn’t on any of the writing credits. Overall, Metallica’s “Garage Inc.” is quite an interesting little insight into the influences of Metallica. Also it is quite interesting, is what they do to modify each song to fit them. “Garage Inc.” is best suited for fans that might not have the budget or time to track down all of these separate releases.
Cut from the original analog master tapes!
E/M Ventures/Universal Music Group, 1998/2011 (533296-0 / 533295-9)

LP 1:
Side One (New Recordings '98):
1. Free Speech For The Dumb 02:35
2. It`s Electric 03:33
3. Sabbra Cadabra 06:20
4. Turn The Page 06:06
Side Two (New Recordings '98):
5. Die My Darling, Die 02:26
6. Loverman 07:52
7. Mercyful Fate 11:10

LP 2:
Side One (New Recordings '98):
1. Astronomy 06:37
2. Whiskey In The Jar 05:04
3. Tuesday`s Gone 09:03
4. The More I See 03:23
Side Two (Garage Days Re-Revisited '87):
5. Helpless 06:36
6. The Small Hours 06:40
7. The Wait 04:52
8. Crash Course In Brain Surgery 03:08
9. Last Caress / Green Hill 03:29

LP 3:
Side One (Garage Days Revisited '84):
1. Am I Evil 07:50
2. Blitzkrieg 03:36
(B-Sides & One-Offs '88-'91):
3. Breadfan 05:41
4. The Prince 04:24
5. Stone Cold Crazy 02:17
Side Two (B-Sides & One-Offs '88-'91):
6. So What 03:08
7. Killing Time 03:03
(Motorheadache '95):
8. Overkill 04:05
9. Damage Case 03:40
10. Stone Dead Forever 04:51
11. Too Late Too Late 03:12
Total playing time: 134:41

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