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HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/

HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/
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HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN "Straight Out Of Hell" /Ltd. 2LP/

The fourteenth full-length album by legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
The band has been on a rampage lately, with their last two releases "Gambling With The Devil" and "7 Sinners", and it continues fully on "Straight Out of Hell". The songs are very well written, and will keep almost any fan of the genre interested all the way through. This album contains everything a Power Metal fan could want from Helloween in a steady stream of rip-roaring thrashes, mid-tempo breaks, grandiose epics, a goofball track, and a not-too-bad ballad thrown into the mix, backed with sterling writing, impeccable performances, and a solid, top-notch production that gives everything a life instead of just feeling thrown in because it sounded good. This will be at the top of the genre’s rankings at the end of the year and could very well be the band’s magnum opus as well!
Limited Edition Orange Translucent Vinyl.
Dragnet/Columbia/Sony Music Entertainment Germany GmbH, 2013 (88765419521). Made in Germany. First press.


LP 1

1. Nabataea 07:02
2. World Of War 04:56
3. Live Now! 03:11

4. Far From The Stars 04:42
5. Burning Sun 05:33
6. Waiting For The Thunder 03:53

LP 2

1. Hold Me In Your Arms 05:10
2. Wanna Be God 02:02
3. Straight Out Of Hell 04:34
4. Asshole 04:10

5. Years 04:22
6. Make Fire Catch The Fly 04:23
7. Church Breaks Down 06:07

Total playing time: 60:05 min.

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