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MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/

MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/
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MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Aftershock” /GLP/

The 22nd full-length album by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
In the history of music, there are few true mavericks on the level of the legendary Lemmy, a man who seems to do his own thing without any concern for what anyone else thinks about it. This level of confidence has made Motörhead a timeless institution in the world of Rock & Roll, and on "Aftershock" it's clear they're not even close to running out of gas.
While the band's elemental sound doesn't show much in the way of innovation, the spirit of true Rock is so strong within it that it doesn't really matter. These guys aren't influenced so much as they are influences, and as the elder statesmen of being badass, Motörhead deliver yet another show of strength, putting on a master class in the sort of down-and-dirty grit and grime that most other bands can only summon ironically. Although "Aftershock" probably won't go down in history as one of the band's great albums, it serves as a reminder of Motörhead's, and by that virtue Lemmy's, status as true originals who play by a set of rules that only they seem privy to.
Fans of the band, or really anyone who has ever dared to cut the sleeves off of a jean jacket or carved a skull into a desk with a knife, would do well to pay tribute by checking this one out, lest they incur the wrath of Kilmister!!
UDR GmbH, 2013 (UDR 0178 LP). Made in Germany. First press. Gatefold cover.

1. Heartbreaker 3:05
2. Coup De Grace 3:45
3. Lost Woman Blues 4:09
4. End Of Time 3:17
5. Do You Believe 2:59
6. Death Machine 2:37
7. Dust And Glass 2:51

8. Going To Mexico 2:51
9. Silence When You Speak To Me 4:30
10. Crying Shame 4:28
11. Queen Of The Damned 2:40
12. Knife 2:57
13. Keep Your Powder Dry 3:54
14. Paralyzed 2:52
Total playing time: 46:55

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