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METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/

METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/
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METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/ METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/ METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/ METALLICA "Ride The Lightning" /LP/

Re-release of the second full-length studio album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
Album was released on July 27, 1984 through the independent record label Megaforce Records and was re-released on November 19, 1984 by Elektra Records. "Ride the Lightning" is the last Metallica album to credit former member, Dave Mustaine.
"Kill 'Em All" may have revitalized Heavy Metal's Underground, but "Ride The Lightning" was even more stunning, exhibiting staggering musical growth and boldly charting new directions that would affect Heavy Metal for years to come. Incredibly ambitious for a one-year-later sophomore effort, "Ride The Lightning" finds Metallica aggressively expanding their compositional technique and range of expression. Every track tries something new, and every musical experiment succeeds mightily. The lyrics push into new territory as well - more personal, more socially conscious, less Metal posturing. But the true heart of "Ride The Lightning" lies in its rich musical imagination. There are extended, progressive epics; tight, concise groove-rockers; thrashers that blow anything on "Kill 'Em All" out of the water, both in their urgency and the barest hints of melody that have been added to the choruses. “Ride The Lightning” retains the speed of “Kill 'Em All” on songs like "Trapped Under Ice" and "Fight Fire with Fire", but also contains the first of Metallica's longer, more intricate tracks, such as "Fade to Black" and the nearly 9-minute closing instrumental "The Call of Ktulu".
“Ride The Lightning” was certified Gold by the RIAA on November 5, 1987 and was most recently certified 5x Platinum on June 9, 2003. It was listed at number 3 on a list compiled by of the “Top 100 Metal Albums of All Time” and #5 by IGN Music on the "Top 25 Metal Albums”.
"Ride The Lightning" effectively rewrote the rule book for a generation of Thrashers! If "Kill 'Em All" was the manifesto, "Ride The Lightning" was the revolution itself!!
Universal/E/M Ventures, 1984/2008 (0600753085332). Made in EU. 180 Gram Vinyl.

1. Fight Fire With Fire 04:44
2. Ride The Lightning 06:36
3. For Whom The Bell Toll 05:10
4. Fade To Black 06:56

5. Trapped Under Ice 04:03
6. Escape 04:23
7. Creeping Death 06:36
8. The Call Of Ktulu 08:52

Total playing time: 47:20

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