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HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/

HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/
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HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/ HELLOWEEN “My God-Given Right” /Ltd. 2LP/

The fifteenth full-length album by legendary German Power/Speed Metal band.
The stalwart German outfit's "My God-Given Right" is a Power Metal cornucopia spilling over with commercial-grade sweets and cheeses. Bolstered by the dizzying guitar work of Michael Weikath and Sascha Gerstner, the 15-track set has some satisfying moments, especially early on with the one-two punch of "Heroes" and "Battles Won", both of which fit nicely into the Helloween canon where Speed Metal precision meets rich, melodic choruses tailor-made for unison fist pumping.
Vocalist Andi Deris more than holds his own throughout, delivering often inane lyrics like "We wanna stay crazy, fresh as a daisy" with gusto, in a voice that falls somewhere between former Helloween frontman Michael Kiske and head Scorpion Klaus Meine.
"My God-Given Right" marks the first time the band releases five studio albums with the same line-up. Also it's band's seventh consecutive album produced by Charlie Bauerfeind, and their first album released under the label Nuclear Blast since 2003's "Rabbit Don't Come Easy". The album is considered by the band as a "back to the roots" album, while still keeping some modern elements.
Tracks like the soaring "Creatures in Heaven", the menacing "Swing of the Fallen World", and the aforementioned "Heroes" prove that, 30 years into their career, Helloween are still largely unequaled purveyors and unabashed champions of "cheese-tastic" Power Metal hymns!!
Limited to 300 hand-numbered copies Gatefold 180 gram Silver Double Vinyl features two bonus tracks.
Helloween Gbr, Germany/Nuclear Blast Records, 2015 (NB 3344-1). Made in Germany. First press.


Side 1A:
1. Heroes 3:51
2. Battle's Won 4:53
3. My God-Given Right 3:30
4. Stay Crazy 4:05

Side 1B:
1. Lost In America 3:35
2. Russian Roulé 3:53
3. The Swing Of A Fallen World 4:53
4. Like Everybody Else 4:04

Side 2A:
1. Creatures In Heaven 6:36
2. If God Loves Rock 'n' Roll 3:21
3. Living On The Edge 5:19
4. Claws 5:52

Side 2B:
1. You, Still Of War 7:21
Bonus Tracks:
2. I Wish I Were There 4:12
3. Wicked Game 3:56

Total playing time: 69:21 min.

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