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NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/

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NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/
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NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/ NECRONOMICON “Necronomicon” /Ltd. Deluxe Edition 2LP/

First re-release of the debut full-length album by the cult German Thrash Metal band.
Necronomicon is one of those German Thrash Metal bands that never got the attention they actually deserved. They always walked through the shadows of the three main bands of the German scene, which are Kreator, Destruction and Sodom - all three are Thrash Metal legends. They all had solid label backing, played nationwide tours and full-colour advertisements for their records were to be seen in all the Metal papers of the day. But what about Necronomicon? Necronomicon had had the same luck as the above mentioned three in signing a deal with one of the prominent German labels in the mid-‘80’s. But instead of securing a deal with Steamhammer (like Sodom and Destruction), Noise (Kreator) or even Roadrunner, Necronomicon ended up with... Wave Records. A very obscure label with a very obscure name. Wave Records was something like the distribution arm of Gama Records or at least that’s how they wanted to make it look like to the public. Gama always was a very dodgy label, ripping off bands left, right and centre and that was one of their ways to cheat people for their money. Signing to Gama was a very bad choice.
Necronomicon was loved internationally, especially in all Scandinavian countries, USA and South America. Back in the ‘80’s, fanzines were all over the place, and they wrote about the band on a regular basis. This was different in Germany, but it has only changed over the last couple of years – ironically.
In 1988, it seemed the end of the road for Necronomion had come (after only three albums). Band definitely needed to part ways with Gama. But Gama held the rights to all the songs, to band's name, to just about everything. Musicians were practically forced to do nothing at all or change their name (which band did not want to do). So, they had to sit through all this, doing nothing. For the band, there was only one question: are they gonna wait until eternity to put out another Necronomicon album or do they take the risk to get sued by Gama? At this point in time, band got the news that Gama was filing for bankruptcy. So, guys took the risk to record a new album... In 1994, the fourth longplay, “Screams”, was released on CD via D&S Records. Unfortunately, band's liaison with D&S was not very enduring either. It was a rocky way for Necronomicon up until the present day...
Luckily, the rights to the songs had reverted to the band. An odyssey of uncertainty and suffering has come to and end. The present for Necronomicon marks the deluxe re-release of their legendary debut, by many fans still regarded as one the greatest German Thrash Metal records in history.
This album is a fu***ng piece of violent and brutal German Thrash Metal, it has all what an adept of 80s European Thrash Metal want in an album. The first thing that catch our attention when listening the album is the unique sound quality, not quality-wise but rather in rawness, because the album has a somewhat "Punkish" sound on it, which is a pretty damn cool thing! The songwriting on the album is great, they had a lot of great ideas for sure. The musicianship on the album is far from top-notch, but it's still great enough to enjoy everything that is played, especially for a first effort. The mix on the album is pretty much what you would expect from a record with that production work. The main focus on the album is the guitars, because they are somewhat higher in the mix than the other instruments. But in general, the mix is pretty good. The guitar sound has sometimes been compared to that of the mighty (early) Celtic Frost. Volker also had that ultimate crunch in his guitar playing. The drums are well-performed, using basic Thrash technic. The vocals of Freddy are basically a worship of Schmier, they have a really similar tone (which is a good thing for Destruction's fans). Another interesting thing on the album is the kind of riffs we have. Yes, the type of riffs are similar to those of Destruction, but Necronomicon made great additions to it, by expanding even more what they did before. You will also hear the typical fancy guitar solos like in Destruction. The most popular song is indeed "Possessed by Evil", which is a unique original piece of the German Thrash scene and is mainly considered a classic.
Overall, this is not the catchiest album ever, but songs like "Blind Destruction" or "Iron Charm" has solid choruses, this is the kind of songs that will get stuck in your head for a bit of time. There's no bad tracks on this album at all, each track have their great moments and killer riffs! It's obviously recommend people to give the album a few listens. This is the kind of album that needs to grow in you before appreciating its evil art, but once you're into it, you will dig it and see its catchiness. If you're a 80s German Thrash Metal fan, especially fan of Destruction, then you need to look up to it!! This is an undeniable classic German Thrash Metal album!!!
Limited to 366 copies double black vinyls with 7 bonus tracks, including "Blind Destruction" demo (1985), housed in gatefold embossed  425 gsm heavy cardboard cover with insert.
High Roller Records, 1986/2010 (HRR 115). Made in Germany. Pressed in Czech. Black vinyl.


Side A
1. Dark Land 6:42
2. Possessed By Evil 4:17
3. Bloody Revenge 3:36
4. Insanity 3:00

Side B
5. Blind Destruction 3:50
6. Hades Invasion 4:30
7. Magic Forest 5:44
8. Iron Charm 5:34

Side C
9. Iron Charm
10. Possessed By Evil
11. Insanity
12. Blind Destruction

Side D
13. Bloody Revenge
14. Possessed By Evil
15. Blind Destruction

Tracks A1-B4 taken from "Necronomicon" LP 1986;

Tracks C1-D1 taken from "Blind Destruction" Demo 1985, remastered;
Tracks D2-D3 taken from "Break Out - German Metal Tracks No. 2" compilation LP 1986.

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