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MOTÖRHEAD “Bastards” /Picture LP/

MOTÖRHEAD “Bastards” /Picture LP/
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MOTÖRHEAD “Bastards” /Picture LP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Bastards” /Picture LP/ MOTÖRHEAD “Bastards” /Picture LP/

The second re-release on vinyl of the twelfth full-length studio album, also known as a “Death Or Glory”, by the legendary British Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band.
For fans who had been disappointed for earlier Motörhead releases, “Bastards” came as welcome return to the band’s roots in the loudest and hardest-driving kind of Rock’n’Roll.
Into the early 90’s, Motörhead’s influence had spread. Terms like “Speed Metal” were being used to describe not only Motörhead’s own style but also that of other bands playing in a similar vein. Thus “Bastards”, whose tracks are featured here, seemed too many to present to a return to hard-core form. By the time Motörhead began recording “Bastards”, the band was essentially a quartet, consisting in this case of Lemmy, Mikkey Dee, Phil Campbell and Michael Burston, who was known as Würzel.
“Bastards” mixed band’s characteristically angry and intense Hard Rock – songs like “On Your Feet”, “Burner”, “Born To Rise Hell” and “Liar” – with powerful, more acoustic ballads like “Lost In The Ozone” and the thoughtful and painful child-abuse number “Don’t Let Daddy Kiss Me”. Many fans have ranked “Bastards” among the best of Motörhead’s many albums.
In the many years since “Bastards” was released, Lemmy has kept up his relentless approach to touring and recording with various iterations of Motörhead. The tracks offered here provide the fine example of the band’s staying power and commitment to its founding ethos!
Golden Core/ZYX Music, 1993/2007 (GCR 20002-1). Made in Germany. 180 gram vinyl.


1. On Your Feet Or On Your Knees 2:33
2. Burner 2:52
3. Death Or Glory 4:50
4. I Am The Sword 4:28
5. Born To Raise Hell 4:57
6. Don't Let Daddy Kiss Me 4:05

7. Bad Woman 3:16
8. Liar 4:10
9. Lost In The Ozone 3:26
10. I'm Your Man 3:46
11. We Bring The Shake 3:46
12. Devils 5:59
Total playing time: 48:58 min.

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