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Debut full-length album by the cult Ukrainian Pagan/Folk/Symphonic Black Metal band.
Originally released in 1996 on MC (considered as a demo, but the same time it's a professional recorded full-length album), this highly anticipated  cult release, requested by fans of elite Slavonic Black Metal, was re-issued on CD for a several times!
"Lunar Poetry" is steeped in moonlight mystery and timeless Slavonic ritualism. This is Black Metal with highly expressive Folk sorrowful melodies. It delivers soaring guitars and apocalyptic keyboard passages. It offers a wide variance in vocals, from screams to whispers and narration, and it breathes the air of originality that Nokturnal Mortum is now very (in)famous for. Similiar to Limbonic Art in their reliance on rumbling rhythm patterns and keyboard usage, Nokturnal Mortum did a fine job of capturing both the bleakness of Black Metal as well as a more ethnic representation of their own culture's music. The music is extremely fluid and tends to lean towards a more majestic and beautiful sound than harshness of Black Metal. And yes, "Lunar Poetry" was way ahead of its time, and even today it sounds fresh and inspiring. In fact, the result is so startling it is hard to imagine that this is only Nokturnal Mortum's very first journey into the dark, the ancient and the extreme... The band also covers Celtic Frost's "Sorrows of the Moon" with a nice degree of skill.
Regardless of occasional inexperience that is typical for a demo, "Lunar Poetry" is a beautiful, stirring and impressive album that utterly requires your attention if you have any liking for a keyboard laden Black Metal assault!
One from the best Black Metal albums ever!!
Morbid Noizz/Metal Agen, 1996 (MN125). Made in Poland. First edition.

1.Tears Of Paganism 01:07
2.Lunar Poetry 04:52
3.Perun's Celestial Silver 07:08
4.Carpathian Mysteries 05:13
5....And Winter Becomes 04:52
6.Ancient Nation 05:10
7.The Grief Of Oriana 05:33
8.Sorrows Of The Moon (Celtic Frost cover) 03:46
9.Autodafe / Barbarian Dreams 07:53
Total playing time: 45:34


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