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МУМИЙ ТРОЛЛЬ “Похитители книг” /MC/

МУМИЙ ТРОЛЛЬ “Похитители книг” /MC/
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The fifth full-length album by Russian Alternative Rock/Britpop band.
Mumiy Troll began as a garage band during the last years of the Soviet Union; as the climate improved for Rock music, they became a popular act in USSR.
The band also has a significant following in Scandinavia, and the they performed at the No Name Fever exhibition for AIDS in Gothenburg, Sweden in 2005.
"Pohititeli Knig" ("The Book Thieves"), is the soundtrack to the movie with the same name.
Astra/Mysteria Publishing/Moon Records, 2004 (MZ 195-4). Made in Ukraine.

1. Такие Девчонки
2. Фламенко Красотки Ч.2
3. Фламенко Красотки Ч.1
4. Где Такой Я?
5. Твоя Летняя
6. Золотые Ворота
7. Водопады Слёз
8. Зелёный Rocks
9. Зелёный Rocks (Gangster Drive-By Mix)
10. Медведица
11. Боксёрский Вальс Ч.2 "Карамель"
12. Боксёрский Вальс
13. Боксёрский Funky Вальс
14. Такие Девчонки (Android Mix)
15. Медведица (Bestoloch Mix)

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