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Metal Scrap 'zine #3 /Fanzine/

Our Realise
Metal Scrap 'zine #3 /Fanzine/
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1997 (34 A4 pages. in Russian)

Interviews with: Evthanazia (B.Rus), Sorrowful God (Rus), Inhumate (Fra),
Sick Of Society (Ger), Confessions Of Obscurity (Bel),
Rejectee Party, Eclipse, Lucifugum, Infected (Ukr).
Articles about: Forest Of Impaled (USA), Overlord (Pol), Cerebrum (Fin),
Holy Death (Pol), Inquisition (Aus), Calenish Circle (Hol),
Meat Shits (USA), Domain (Pol), Necropsia (Gua), Avalon House,
Apraxia (B.Rus), Miscreant (Rus), Apeiron, Funeral Of Soul,
Temptation (Ukr), In Memorian (Bra).

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