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SLAYER “South Of Heaven” /CD/

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SLAYER “South Of Heaven” /CD/
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The fifth European re-release of the fourth full-length studio album by the legendary American Thrash Metal band.
It was recorded in 1987 and released in 1988 on Def Jam Records (later re-released by Def American/American Recordings).
This album has been marked as a deliberate deviation from the previous album with slower songs, more melodic vocals and clean sounding.
Album received conflicting opinions from fans and critics. However it became the most commercially successful album of Slayer at that time debuting at the 57 position in Billboard 200 Chart becoming the second Gold album!
American Recordings, LLC, 1988/2013 (0602537352265). Made in Germany.

1. South Of Heaven
2. Silent Scream
3. Live Undead
4. Behind The Crooked Cross
5. Mandatory Suicide
6. Ghosts Of War
7. Read Between The Lies
8. Cleanse The Soul
9. Dissident Agressor
10. Spill The Blood
Total playing time: 34:51

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