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QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/

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QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/
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QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/ QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/ QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/ QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/ QUEENSRYCHE “Dedicated To Chaos” /2LP/

The twelfth full-length album by legendary American Progressive Rock band.
The band's first album for Roadrunner Records' Loud & Proud label.
It probably takes a very strong and open mind for a Queensrÿche-fan to be able to like this record. This record generally alternates some highly experimental and interesting orogressive tendencies with other tracks which often try as it were to 'apologise' for this with a far more accessible direction, albeit less simplified than the more recent albums. Queensrÿche is a band with the will to experiment. They almost never do the same thing twice and the one time they did try to with "Operation: Mindcrime 2", they failed shamefully. No, this band is better off treading new grounds and finding new ways to play music for themselves. If they left the Metal scene, it’s because they have nothing more to say in the Metal language and learn to speak new languages. The experiment of 2011 is the present.
In order to stick more to the concept, the band decided to structure their songs around the rhythm of the now. Drummer Rockenfield and bassist Jackson have developed a rhythm section as solid as ever, but now built around the alternative world of today. Guitarist Wilton might not be as much in the spotlight as he was back in the Metal days, but he plays a role reminiscent of any guitar player in a Alternative/Pop band and even though his playing is more subtle here, it adds so much to the music and he has a beautifully tight guitar sound. Vocalist Tate is in an ever-inspiring shape as he leads us through this new-found landscape with his warm, recognizable and above all outstanding vocals. If there’s any singer who I’d never get tired of its Geoff Tate. He’s really got the groove. The multicultural, ever-changing society of today results in the huge diversity of the songs themselves.
Yes, it’s chaos. Life is chaos. Queensrÿche dedicate this album to chaos. Experimental to the full and totally dedicated to the concept. The most important part of the album for the listener is to understand the concept before criticizing lyrical content.
Like the 2009 "American Soldier", "Dedicated To Chaos" was recorded by Queensrÿche as a quartet; Parker Lundgren, who was a guest guitarist in this album, subsequently became a permanent member of the band.
It's also first official Queensrÿche release to omit the umlaut over the "y" on the band logo.
Not Metal anymore, but very interesting experiment of the legend!!
Roadrunner Records/Loud & Proud Records/Cargo Records, 2011 (RRCAR 7734-1). Made in Germany. First press.

LP 1
Side A:
1. Get Started
2. Hot Spot Junkie
3. Got It Bad
4. Higher

Side B:
5. Wot We Do
6. Around The World
7. Drive

LP 2
Side C:
1. At The Edge
2. I Take You
3. Retail Therapy

Side D:
4. The Lie
5. Big Noize

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