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ENSIFERUM “The Live Path” /Digisleeve MCD/

ENSIFERUM “The Live Path” /Digisleeve MCD/
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Third EP by the cult Finnish Epic Folk Metal.
"The Live Path" EP supports Ensiferum's new record "Two Paths". This exclusive release comes around with one new studio track as well as four live cuts from two different locations representing three different studio albums.
The new track "Way of the Warrior" is a typical Ensiferum track. It's energizing, fast and joyous, finding the right balance between raw vocal efforts in the verses and melodic vocal lines in the chorus. The song isn't original by any means and could also come from the band's first album but it's the kind of party tune that still sounds appropriate in your local Rock or Metal pub. Faithful fans will appreciate the song while new or occasional fans get a perfect example of what Ensiferum is all about.
The live tracks also underline the fact that Ensiferum is a band that enjoys itself on stage and that transmits this vivid party vibe to the crowd. The band's only live record was released more than a decade ago and a new live release is long overdue. None of the four live songs was included on the previous release and the four tracks sound great. They might not impressive with the most balanced sound and technical skills but make you think of a ferocious Viking tribe ready to conquer the crowd without taking any prisoners. The band's authenticity and energy are highly addicting.
If you like Ensiferum or Folk and Pagan Metal in general, you should get your hands on "The Live Path". The solid new studio track is in the key of classic Ensiferum material and the four exclusive live tracks are very enjoyable. This EP offers twenty-three minutes of pure fun, so go ahead and enjoy yourselves!!
Track 1 is taken from the upcoming album "Two Paths" 2017.
Track 2, 4 & 5 were recorded live at the Sauna Classic - Metal Garden Party in Tampere, Finland.
Track 3 was recorded live at the Dong Open Air in Neukirchen-Vluyn, Germany.
Metal Blade Records/Devil Inc. Presseverlag, 2017 (promotional 5-track sampler for Legacy Magazine #110 / 05-2017). Made in Germany. Pressed in Poland. First press.

1. Way of the Warrior 3:59
2. Ahti (Live @ Sauna Classic) 4:00
3. Axe of Judgement (Live @ Dong) 4:51
4. Heathen Horde (Live @ Sauna Classic) 4:17
5. In My Sword I Trust (Live @ Sauna Classic) 5:34
Total playing time: 22:43 min.


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