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DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War" /Ltd. Pit-Art CD + Patch/

Our Realise
DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War" /Ltd. Pit-Art CD + Patch/
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DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War" /Ltd. Pit-Art CD + Patch/ DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War" /Ltd. Pit-Art CD + Patch/ DESERT NEAR THE END "Theater Of War" /Ltd. Pit-Art CD + Patch/

The third full-length album by Greek Extreme Power/Thrash Metal band.
The album features band's most extreme approach musically and acts as a bridge between their mid 90's Power/Thrash Metal influences and the most Extreme elements of today's Metal.
The unique nature of this album is that it doesn't fit in any genre exclusively, it stands on many worlds and doesn't serve under one banner. It combines epic and dramatic musical structures with ultra fast drumming and aggressive vocals in order to bring the story behind the lyrics to life.
Because "Theater Of War" is a concept album, it is the final chapter of the trilogy the band began to unfold with their debut album. It's a story about absolutes and how they enslave people with their blinding light. The story of "a chosen one" who chooses to be an example and not a messiah, to become a "mortal sun" whose light guides and not only blinds.
For fans of Blind Guardian, Kreator and Iced Earth, as well as fans of all Extreme Metal styles! Also Recommended for every one who sees the last 25 years of Metal as a whole entity!!
CD packaged with patch available for orders via Total Metal Shop only.
Total Metal Records, 2016 (TMR028-129). Made in Ukraine. First press.

1. Ashes Descent 05:03
2. Faces in the Dark 03:01
3. Point of No Return 03:59
4. Under Blackened Skies 05:04
5. A Martyr's Birth 05:37
6. Season of the Sun 06:27
7. Theater of War 07:24
8. At the Shores 07:02
Total playing time: 43:57



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