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КИПЕЛОВ “V Лет” /DVD; Live/

КИПЕЛОВ “V Лет” /DVD; Live/
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Third DVD by band of legendary Valeriy Kipelov, former vocalist of Russian Heavy Metal band ARIA.
Kipelov anniversary concert held in October 2007 in St. Petersburg. This DVD is an order of magnitude higher compared to the previous DVD's of Kipelov. Great fireworks, light and laser show - it's a great addition to the wonderful music of the band in full swing. Panoramic shooting, forced to admire. Collect as many people and submerge them in ecstasy at two hours - capable of such not everyone!
"Heavy Metal is alive!" - you want to cry after watching this disc! Bravo!!
Recorded live at the Ice Palace, Saint-Petersburg, October, 20, 2007.
Mastered by Tommy Hansen at Jailhouse Studios, Denmark.
The artwork was engaged Finnish artist Jan Yrlund, who has worked with Manowar, Korpiklaani, Epidemia... etc.
115 min; Dolby Digital 2.0.
CD-Maximum/Moon Records, 2008 (MD-0839-0). Made in Ukraine.

1. Путь Наверх     09:23
2. Дыханье Тьмы     05:14
3. Вавилон     06:04
4. Наваждение     05:57
5. Я Здесь!     05:39
6. Пророк     06:32
7. Не Сейчас     05:23
8. Смутное Время     05:45
9. Никто     05:15
10. Без Тебя     04:35
11. На Распутье     06:02
12. Матричный Бог     06:38
13. Грязь     04:44
14. Путь в Никуда     06:01
15. Реки Времён     05:16
16. Следуй за Мной!     04:38
17. Призрачный Взвод     06:11
18. Я Свободен!     07:15
19. Воля и Разум     09:57
Total playing time:  01:56:29

ЦЕНА: 3.90 €
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