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KREATOR “Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory” /Slipcase DVD; Live/

KREATOR “Live Kreation - Revisioned Glory” /Slipcase DVD; Live/
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First DVD by the legendary German Thrash Metal band.
This DVD is a Thrash masterpiece. Kreator spent a lot of time and energy putting it together, and it came out a great success. Professionals filmed several concert performances, and singer/guitarist Mille Petrozza did a lot of backstage filming to flesh out the project. And this is no bootleg-looking, cheap-ass production. Lots of effects, filters and frequent cuts add a lot to the multimedia experience; there are good-looking shots, multiple angles and focuses, flashing lights and long hair flying everywhere.
The music sounds almost studio-quality, and Kreator knows how to control a stage. But perhaps the best part of the DVD is the extra, non-musical footage that fills out the experience. Short interviews with other bands and audience members, shots of different towns and people, and shots of Kreator off-stage make the DVD the closest one can get to the concert hall without having to leave the house.
The music is enough to make the DVD worth watching, but the film mosaics placed between songs are the icing on the cake and help the viewer get a real taste of touring.
Recorded at the Violent Revolution Tour 2002:
Tracks: 1-3, 6, 7, 10, 13-17 recorded live in São Paulo, Brazil, September 1st 2002.
Tracks: 4-5, 8-9, 11-12 recorded live in Busan, South Korea, June 3rd 2002.
Tracks: 18-19 recorded live at With Full Force Festival, Germany, July 6th 2002.
Tracks: 22-31 are music videos.
Mixed at KKS Studios in Essen, Germany & Backstage Recordings in Nottingham, U.K.
Furthermore, you get numerous backstage impressions from all over the world - predominantly filmed by the mainman Mille himself. Very cool is also the history-part which does without unnecessary extras but just chronologically shows up the career of the band. Plus, the DVD contains all 10 videos Kreator have done so far and 2 bonus songs that were recorded on the last year's "With Full Force".
Any Thrash Metal fan should enjoy the hell out of this one!!
PAL | 4:3 | Dolby Digital | 5.1 | 2.0 | DVD 5 | 158 min. | All | Subtitles: German, English, French, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Swedish, Spanish.
Steamhammer/SPV/Moon Records, 2003/2007 (MD-0072-0). Made in Ukraine.

1. The Patriarch
2. Violent Revolution
3. Reconquering The Throne
4. Extreme Aggression
5. People Of The Lie
6. Lost
7. Coma Of Souls
8. All Of The Same Blood
9. Phobia
10. Black Sunrise
11. Pleasure To Kill
12. Renewal
13. Servant In Heaven - King In Hell
14. Terrible Certainty
15. Riot Of Violence
16. Terror Zone
17. Betrayer
18. Flag Of Hate
19. Tormentor
20. Toxic Trace (Video Clip)
21. Betrayer (Video Clip)
22. People Of The Lie (Video Clip)
23. Renewal (Video Clip)
24. Lost (Video Clip)
25. Isolation (Video Clip)
26. Leave This World Behind (Video Clip) 
27. Endorama (Video Clip)
28. Chosen Few (Video Clip)
29. Violent Revolution (Video Clip)

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