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JUDAS PRIEST “Electric Eye” /DVD/

JUDAS PRIEST “Electric Eye” /DVD/
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The eighth video release by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Halford is back with the Priest. The main reason is money... if you read the latest interview of Tim Owens, Judas Priest was not selling much albums these years. Even though Tim did a great job replacing Rob as good as he could, the die-hard Judas Priest fans have never "digested" the departure of Rob. Like it was the case for Iron Maiden and Bruce Dickinson, we are very very happy to see Rob Halford back with the Priest, the Heavy Metal band of the 80's. You should know at this stage that the English band decided to enter directly in studio and deliver a new record for 2004. To help their fans for this long expected event - more than 10 years ! - Judas Priest release a new compilation DVD features music videos, BBC performances, and the first time officially released on DVD a concert filmed in Dallas, Texas during the 1986 Fuel for Life Tour, previously released as "Priest...Live!" on VHS and LaserDisc.
The "Electric Eye" DVD is an essential collector's item for any Judas Priest fan. This DVD is loaded with great material: 13 music videos, the 19 track "Priest...Live!" video, 6 rare BBC performances, and a complete discography that plays a full song from each album!
DVD certified Platinum by the RIAA.
| 0 | 145 min. approx.
Columbia Music Video/Sony Music Entertainment (UK) Ltd., 2003 (202193 9). Russian bootleg.

1. Living After Midnight 
2. Breaking The Law
3. Don't Go
4.Heading Out To The Highway
5. Hot Rockin'
6. You've Got Another Thing Comin'
7. Freewheel Burning
8. Love Bites 
9. Locked In
10. Turbo Lover
11. Johnny B. Goode
12. Painkiller
13.A Touch Of Evil
14. Out In The Cold
15. Locked In
16. Heading Out To The Highway
17. Breaking The Law
18. Love Bites
19. Some Heads Are Gonna Roll
20. The Sentinel
21. Private Property
22. Desert Plains
23. Rock You All Around The World
24. Hellion / Electric Eye
25. Turbo Lover
26. Freewheel Burning
27. The Green Manalishi (With A Two Pronged Crown)
28. Parental Guidance
29. Living After Midnight
30. You've Got Another Thing Coming
31. Hell Bent For Leather
32. Metal Gods
33. Rocka Rolla 
34. Dreamer Deceiver / Deceiver
35. Take On The World
36. Evening Star
37. Living After Midnight
38. United

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