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IRON MAIDEN “Visions Of The Beast” /2DVD/

IRON MAIDEN “Visions Of The Beast” /2DVD/
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Re-release of the fourth DVD by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
A release that all Iron Maiden fans have been asking for is here at last! "Visions Of The Beast" is a massive two disc DVD set that is over three hours long and contains every single Iron Maiden video ever made, from "Women in Uniform" to live cuts from "Rock In Rio", this has it all. It is basically an updated version of "The First Ten Years: The Videos and From There to Eternity". It also includes never-before-seen Camp Chaos animated versions of six definitive Iron Maiden songs, interactive menus and discographies, and some special hidden extras!
If you are an Iron Maiden fan and have always wanted their videos for your own viewing pleasure then by all means pick this up!!
4:3 | Dolby Digital 2.0 | PAL | Disc 1 approx. 75 mins; Disc 2 approx. 79 mins.
Parlophone Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company, 2003/2014 (648 6139). Made in Germany.

DVD 1:
1. Women In Uniform
2. Wrathchild
3. Run To The Hills
4. The Number Of The Beast
5. Flight Of Icarus
6. The Trooper
7. 2 Minutes To Midnight
8. Aces High
9. Wasted Years 
10. Stranger In A Strange Land
11. Can I Play With Madness
12. The Evil That Men Do 
13. The Clairvoyant
14. Infinite Dreams
15. Holy Smoke
16. Tailgunner

track 2 recorded live on December 21st, 1980 in London, United Kingdom.
track 10 recorded live on October 15th, 1986 in Sheffield, United Kingdom.
track 12 recorded live on June 12th, 1988 in Inglewood, California, United States.
track 13 recorded live on August 20th, 1988 in Castle Donington, United Kingdom.
track 14 recorded live on November 27th, 1988 in Birmingham, United Kingdom.
track 16 recorded live in September, 1990.

DVD 2:
1. Bring Your Daughter To The Slaughter 
2. Be Quick Or Be Dead
3. From Here To Eternity
4. Wasting Love 
5. Fear Of The Dark
6. Hallowed Be Thy Name
7. Man On The Edge
8. Afraid To Shoot Strangers
9. Lord Of The Flies
10. Virus
11. The Angel & The Gambler
12. Futureal
13. The Wicker Man
14. Out Of The Silent Planet
15. Brave New World

tracks 5, 6 recorded live on August 22nd, 1992 in Castle Donington, United Kingdom.
track 8 recorded live on November 1st, 1995 in Gothenburg, Sweden.
track 9 recorded live in November, 1995.
track 12 recorded live in May, 1995.
track 15 recorded live on January 19th, 2001 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

To access hidden Easter Egg track 21 on disc 1, play track 6 3 times to form 666.
To access hidden Easter Egg track 20 on disc 2, play track 6 2 times and then track 4 to form 664, however playing track 6 3 times will also give access to hidden video, but with more funny passage.

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