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TIAMAT “The Church Of Tiamat” /DVD; Live/

TIAMAT “The Church Of Tiamat” /DVD; Live/
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The first DVD by the legendary Swedish Gothic/Doom Metal band.
"Good evening, ladies and gentlemen. We are Tiamat from Sweden" Johan Edlund proudly proclaims as the no-nonsense atmospheric hard Metal band, "The Church Of Tiamat", plunges into the opening song "Vote for Love".
Recorded at Krzemionki TV Studio in Krakow, Poland, January 13, 2005 this concert from the powerful cult band is excitingly filmed with gorgeous sweeps, fade-ins, fade-outs and lots of quick cuts adding to the workhorse performance of this five-piece unit. With a voice four times deeper than Billy Idol, Edlund has serious command over the head-banging crowd on "I Am in Love with Myself", which could be the Ramones taken down a few notches on the verge of Death Metal. "The Church Of Tiamat" pulls out all the stops, superbly packaged with the fancy artwork given a brownish tint on the slick cover.
There are 15 titles in the full concert plus bonus tracks including promo videos and bootleg-style material. The 26-minute interview gives a "History Of Tiamet" with 14 isolated chapters that allow the viewer to pick and choose segments. Singer Edlund goes back to the band's roots in 1987, chatting with bassist Anders Iwers and a female hostess asking the questions off camera. There's also an art gallery, photo gallery, desktop images, websites, and plenty of additional material. A very accessible band for the "genre," this package is well constructed, chock-full of extras, and full of fine performances that can easily bring in new converts. Really an extraordinary find!!
Dolby Digital 2.0; 5.1| NTSC 4:3 (PAL compatible) | 0 | 5 hours 20 min. approx.
Century Media Records Ltd., 2006. Made in Germany. Bootleg.

1. Vote For Love
2. Children Of The Underworld
3. Cain 
4. Brighter Than The Sun
5. To Have And Have Not
6. Whatever That Hurts
7. I Am In Love With Myself
8. In A Dream
9. Wings Of Heaven
10. Cold Seed
11. Clovenhoof
12. As Long As You Are Mine
13. Love Is As Good As Soma
14. The Sleeping Beauty 
15. Gaia

The Histroy Of Tiamat

1. Whatever That Hurts (Videoclip)
2. Gaia (Videoclip)
3. Alteration X 10 (Studio)
4. Cold Seed (Videoclip)
5. Brighter Than The Sun (Videoclip)
6. Vote For Love (Videoclip)
7. Cain (Videoclip)
8. Do You Dream Of Me? )Animated Video)


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