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IRON MAIDEN “Rock In Rio” /DVD; Live/

IRON MAIDEN “Rock In Rio” /DVD; Live/
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The third DVD by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
Recorded at the Rock in Rio festival, Brazil, 2001, on the last night of the Brave New World Tour.
With the reunion studio disc "Brave New World" failing to recapture the imagination and intensity of Iron Maiden in America and even in many places in the band's European homeland, going to Brazil seemed like a smart move. It was one of the few places that a quarter of a million people would turn up to see the act in 2001, and judging from the audience response, the band's set list didn't bother them much either. The band played to approximately 250,000 people - it's the second largest crowd of their career (the band's largest concert attendance was their 1985 Rock In Rio performance to an audience of 300,000) and with the relatively recent return of lead singer Bruce Dickinson and guitarist Adrian Smith to the band.
Show features many of band's most well-known tracks, including the eponymous "Iron Maiden" and "Run to the Hills", along with six songs from "Brave New World", such as "The Wicker Man" and the title track. Also performed were two tracks from the Blaze Bayley-era, "Sign of the Cross" and "The Clansman".
Iron Maiden are the pinnacle of Heavy Metal performers, with none acting as rivals. From the time they were young lads, to now as seasoned veterans, this six piece has never let the fans down, always performing to their utmost ability, with their utmost determination. "Rock In Rio" is literally what it sounds like for a quarter million people having their dreams realized, an experience that should be enjoyed by everyone who is smart enough to pick up this DVD!!
Dolby Surround 5.1 | NTSC 4:3 | All | 125 min. approx. | Subtitles: English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese.
Sanctuary Visual Management/Columbia Music Video, 2002 (C1B 54269). Bootleg.

1. Program Start
2. Intro
3. The Wicker Man
4. Ghost Of The Navigator
5. Brave New World
6. Wrathchild
7. 2 Minutes To Midnight
8. Blood Brothers
9. Sign Of The Cross
10. The Mercenary
11. The Trooper
12. Dream Of Mirrors
13. The Clansman
14. The Evil That Men Do
15. Fear Of The Dark
16. Iron Maiden
17. The Number Of The Beast
18. Hallowed Be Thy Name
19. Sanctuary
20. Run To The Hills
21. Credits

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