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BRUCE DICKINSON “Anthology” /Dual DVD/

BRUCE DICKINSON “Anthology” /Dual DVD/
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Debut DVD and the second video release by the solo-project of legendary Iron Maiden’s vocalist.
Bruce Dickinson is still the proverbial human whirlwind of activity, having made his mark both as the frontman of the legendary Iron Maiden and as a longstanding solo artist, with a catalogue that includes six studio albums of his own plus several concert releases. In addition to his musical talents, Bruce is also well known as a BBC Radio deejay, TV broadcaster, Airline Pilot, sword-fencing expert, novelist, family man and voice of modern music.
The DVD features three live performances as well every single promotional video made during Dickinson's solo career. It's also includes over an hour of extras and unreleased footage. This is the definitive Dickinson package with nearly/over six hours of videos and live performances, and previously unreleased and archive material!
PAL | 4:3 | DVD 10 | PCM Stereo | English.
Sanctuary Visual Entertainment, 2006 (SVE4011). Russian bootleg. Used: very good.

Side 1:
1. Riding With The Angels
2. Born In 58
3. Lickin' The Gun
4. Gypsy Road
5. Dive! Dive! Dive!
6. Drum Solo 
7. Zulu Lulu
8. The Ballad Of Mutt
9. Son Of A Gun
10. Hell On Wheels
11. All The Young Dudes 
12. Tattooed Millionaire
13. No Lies
14. Fog On The Tyne
15. Winds Of Change
16. Sin City 
17. Bring Your Daughter... To The Slaughter
18. Black Night 
19. Space Race
20. Back From The Edge
21. Tattooed Millionaire
22. Inertia
23. Faith
24. Meltdown
25. I Will Not Accept The Truth
26. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
27. Tears Of The Dragon
28. God's Not Coming Back
29. Dreamstate
30. The Prisoner

Side 2:
1. King In Crimson
2. Gates Of Urizen
3. Killing Floor
4. Book Of Thel
5. Tears Of The Dragon
6. Laughing In The Hiding Bush
7. Accident Of Birth
8. The Tower
9. Darkside Of Aquarius
10. Road To Hell

Promotional Videos:
1. Tattooed Millionaire 
2. All The Young Dudes 
3. Dive! Dive! Dive! 
4. Born In 58 
5. Tears Of The Dragon 
6. Shoot All The Clowns 
7. Back From The Edge 
8. Inertia 
9. Accident Of Birth 
10. Road To Hell 
11. Man Of Sorrows 
12. Killing Floor 
13. The Tower 
14. Abduction

Side 1:
Tracks 1 - 18: "Dive! Dive! Dive!" - Town and Country Club, Los Angeles on the Tattooed Millionaire Tour, August 14th 1990
Tracks 19 - 30: "Skunkworks Live" - Skunkworks Tour in Pamplona and Girona, Spain on May 31st and June 1st 1996

Side 2: "Scream For Me Brazil" - Chemical Wedding Tour in Sao Paulo, 1999

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