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ANTICHRIST “Burned Beyond Recognition” /7" Single/

ANTICHRIST “Burned Beyond Recognition” /7" Single/
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ANTICHRIST “Burned Beyond Recognition” /7" Single/ ANTICHRIST “Burned Beyond Recognition” /7" Single/

First single of Swedish Thrash Metal band.
Antichrist practice a razor-sharp, Punk-y and demonic take on Thrash, one that clearly is a rarity in this day and age. Following the success of their incredible debut LP, "Forbidden World" (2011, High Roller Records), the current overlords of Swedish Thrash Metal return with the violent fury of "Burned Beyond Recognition!". If "Forbidden World" was the young quintet's "Show No Mercy", it's safe to say that this single can only mean the next LP will be their "Hell Awaits". This is Heavy Metal taken to levels of extremity not seen since! Featuring the title track (streaming below for the first time) and a cover "Kill with Napalm" (originally a demo track by cult Croatian Thrash band Evil Blood) on the flip, the Swedes destroy the two tracks with a fury becoming of forefathers like Slayer or Possessed, but never fall into the easily laid trap of self-parody/mimicry.
Worshipers of the ancient gods Slayer, Kreator and Possessed take note!!
Limited to 1000 hand numbered copies with OBI.
Electric Assault Records, 2013 (ASLT-03). Made in USA.

1. Burned Beyond Recognition     5:44
2. Kill With Napalm     3:24
Total playing time: 9:08


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