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IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/

IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/
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IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/ IRON MAIDEN “Run To The Hills” /Ltd. 7" Single; Live/

First re-release of the thirteenth single by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
It's the second single from the band's third live album, "Live After Death" (1985).
The A-side track is none other than Maiden’s biggest hit “Run to the Hills” live from the Long Beach Arena in ’85. Like all their early live tunes with Dickinson, it kicks ass! Bruce sounds great, the guitar sound is sharper than on the studio version, and the track just ripples with the energy that comes from a live Maiden performance.
The B-side is a live track recorded at the Hammersmith-Odeon in ’84, “Phantom of the Opera,” which is always a treat to hear with Bruce on vocals. The solo bit on this track is particularly intense and Steve’s bass tone is perfect. Once again, it sounds excellent; guitars, bass, and drums perfectly fusing to forge the tightest instrumental in Maiden’s career.
Every live recording of Maiden from the 80’s slays. Youth perhaps, but whatever it is, it’s the reason these tracks and "Live After Death" absolutely destroy later recordings like the "Live At Downington" and "A Real Dead One".
For those that enjoy Maiden’s live output, these tracks are fantastic!!
According to Riggs, he was asked to paint a cover illustration both "Run to the Hills" and "Phantom of the Opera" and so the artwork depicts Eddie as the phantom in a hilly landscape.
Recorded from the original analogue master tapes.
Parlophone Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company, 1985/2014 (2564624863). Made in EU.

Side A:
1. Run To The Hills 4:02

Side B:
2. Phantom Of The Opera 7:24
Total playing time: 11:26


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