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IRON MAIDEN “Stranger In A Strange Land” /Ltd. 7" Single/

IRON MAIDEN “Stranger In A Strange Land” /Ltd. 7" Single/
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IRON MAIDEN “Stranger In A Strange Land” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “Stranger In A Strange Land” /Ltd. 7" Single/ IRON MAIDEN “Stranger In A Strange Land” /Ltd. 7" Single/

First re-release of the fifteenth single by the legendary British Heavy Metal band.
It's the second single for the band's sixth full-length studio album, "Somewhere In Time" (1986).
Second single from "Somewhere In Time" once again was a Smith penned track. This time one of his heavier ones. Based around a simple yet effective main riff and a bass line which is almost too simple for Harris to play. It’s extremely different from the rest of the album yet still immensely heavy, catchy and therefore Maiden-worthy. The lyrics are about an Arctic explorer who dies and is frozen in the ice. After a hundred years his body is found preserved by other people exploring there. Adrian Smith was inspired to write about this song after talking to an explorer who had had a similar experience of discovering a frozen body. The guitar solo in "Stranger in a Strange Land" is played by Adrian Smith.
The B-side to this single, "That Girl", was played during The Entire Population Of Hackney secret gig on 19 December 1985, with Adrian Smith on vocals. This is probably was the idea came from to play it as B-side, especially with Adrian's large presence on this single and the "Somewhere In Time" album. "That Girl" was originally written for The Entire Population Of Hackney by the guitarist Andy Barnett, and was recorded by both Iron Maiden and FM around the same time. It was prominently featured on FM's 1986 debut album "Indiscreet", which was released just three weeks prior to Iron Maiden's "Somewhere In Time". The first guitar solo is played by Dave Murray while the ending guitar solo is played by Adrian Smith, who also played bass on the recording because Steve Harris didn't want to learn to play the song.
"Stranger In A Strange Land" is definitely one of the better Maiden singles from the Dickinson-era due to the well chosen A-side and having great cover on B-side!!
Recorded from the original analogue master tapes.
Parlophone Records Ltd., A Warner Music Group Company, 1986/2014 (2564624850). Made in EU.

Side A:
1. Stranger In A Strange Land 5:36

Side B:
2. That Girl 5:05
Total playing time: 10:41


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